• Safety and Possible Hazards

    Gallery-walk-through and conversation | Presentation 1: KuvataideAkatemia, Presentation 2: Kuvan Kevät 2018, Exhibition Laboratory (Video display of the documentation of the event in the gallery)
    Safety and Possible Hazards is a short presentation followed by a gallery tour of the Kuvan Kevät 2018 exhibition. The focus of the conversation is on the topic of safety in relation to the artworks and gallery space as a site for displaying art. Elements present in the piece are connected to the notion of work and the architecture of everyday life. The focus of this project is the usually unnoticed structures that facilitate the social reproduction of the everyday. The first part of the project took place during the initial meeting between participating artists and organisers. The Head of Theatre Academy's Theatre, Occupational Health and Safety Manager, Jyri Pulkkinen, was invited to give a lecture during the planning-meeting on 12 January 2018. The public part of the project happens at 13:00 on 9 May 2018. All are welcome to attend the gallery-walk-through led by Pulkkinen, followed by a conversation.