• HOW TO BUILD A WALL: Introduction into Art

    An exhibition as a group project (2018) | Performance, music, dance and videos installation | Collaborating artists:  Jo Kjaergaard, Riikka Theresa Innanen, Suva Deep Das, Seham Hamuti, Ghasem, Tarmo Tähtinen | Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki (2018)  Opening event & performances
    As artists and curators, we are in the business of production of culture, this activity is placed next to a political and architectural act, namely “production of new walls”. Yet, not all acts of art-making or creation is a precursor of an art-system or art-market which is a necessary part of this problematic. The aim is not to present the art system as the ultimate problem but to remind the artists that certain modes of cultural production would bring about harmful outcomes to certain subjects or communities. The question of “what we are seeing” needs to be pushed back to “what are the conditions that made this presentation possible?”, which in some sense relates to the platforms of cultural production and distribution in relation to power and hegemonic discourses. I have examined the current condition of art-making from an everyday perspective through the works of Wendy Brown on sovereignty, and Edward Said on culture and imperialism.