• Birth of the Asylum: For Aleksis Kivi and Rabia of Basra

    Collaboration with Suva & Fayaz Dae, 2018 | Galleria Lapinlahti, Helsinki
    “[Foucault] started to think about how madness as a category of human identity is produced and reproduced by various rules, systems and procedures which create and separate it from ‘normalcy’. Such systems form what he called ‘the order of discourse’, or the entire conceptual territory on which knowledge is formed and produced. This includes not just what is thought or said but the rules which govern what can be said and what not, what is included as rational and what left out, what is thought of as madness or insubordination and what is seen as sane or socially acceptable.” -Ania Loomba “Kivi’s health had failed completely in 1870. The collapse was accelerated by typhoid and attacks of delirium and in 1871 he was admitted to the New Clinic, from where he was transferred to the Lapinlahti psychiatric hospital. The doctor treating him, A. T. Saelan, diagnosed him as suffering from melancholia resulting from “injured dignity as a writer”. On the basis of the available documents, Kalle Achté concludes that it was a classic case of schizophrenia, triggered by severe states of anxiety” -Hannes Sihvo, Kivi, Aleksis (1834 – 1872)