Replay Omspelning Uusintaotto Repetición

Political Art and Aesthetics in the Everyday
Hami Bahadori, Lena Séraphin, Minna Heikinaho

Winter Symposium
04.02.2018 – 11:00 @University of Copenhagen
Campus Amager, Njalsgade 80, 2300 København S collaboration with University of Copenhagen

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“Shipwreck Information Center”

Collaboration with Jo Kjaergaard
10.7.2018  @ Brinkkala Gallery, Turku

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Public reading

Simultaneities with publishing of Lena Seraphin’s book “Replay” (link)
10.11.2017  12:45 @Public library (Raaseporintie 8) Tammisaari, Finland

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“Santa Clause is Coming to Town (You Better Watch Out) #3”

Film Screening at Kino-Klub
22.10.2017 18:00 @Ex-club, Merimiehenkatu 36, Helsinki

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25.01.2016 – 15:00

Merikatu 13, 00140 Helsinki
(outdoors – Meeting in front of the park)

Curated by 13lock.
Supported by the Academy of Fine Arts of Uniarts Helsinki.

“It is not necessary that a crowd should be numerous for the faculty of seeing what is taking place before its eyes to be destroyed and for the real facts to be replaced by hallucinations unrelated to them.” -Gustave Le Bon

“Are we devolving from a republic into a society of clans, a world where every family withdraws behind its walls and lets the commons fall to ruin?” -William Deresiewicz’s Excellent Sheep

“In modern societies, therefore, the ‘arts of governing’ – what Foucault also called ‘governmentality’ – do not consist primarily in being repressive, but rather in an ‘internalized’ self-discipline, a mode of self- control that always serves to regulate ‘one’s own’ precariousness.” -Isabell Lorey, State of Insecurity

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“Before After Party”

Collaboration with Matt Bell
Tasku Galleria – Kuvataideakatemia, Helsinki
Opening 08/10/2017 18:00—21:00


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“On loan”

INCA: 2 West Roy St. Seattle, WA, 98110
Opening: August 21, 2016, 6–8pm
Exhibition: August 21 – September 3
Opening hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 4-8pm
Collaboration with Brandon Aleson, as part of This Might Not Work collective.

Participating Artists:

Clifford Owens
Martha Rosler
Rirkrit Tiravanija
Mladen Stilinović
Susanne Winterling
Jueqian Fang

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“Nature Torture, (Charged frame)”

“Sometimes [Francis] Galton forced himself to watch rabbits and birds being fed to the snakes at the London Zoo. He found the sight horrible but fascinating, and he could not understand how children and their nurses could stand right next to him and smile or stroll on by. ‘Their indifference were perhaps the most painful element of the whole transaction. Their sympathy were absolutely unawakened.’” –Time, Love, Memory, Jonathan Weiner 

Time and Date: Wednesday, June 15  2016 – 7:00 pm
Location: The Apartment, Seattle WA


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Curated by Daniele di Lodovico, Organized by This Might Not Work (Hami Bahadori & Matthew Bell)
Gallery 110 – April 7 – 30, 2016
Opening Reception:  April 7, 2016, 5-8p

Suitcase Exhibition_Artboard 1

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“A work of art is good if it has arisen out of necessity. That is the only way one can judge it” -René Karl Wilhelm Johann Josef Maria Rilke

Matt Bell and I started this project a month ago when I moved to a small studio apartment. Our collaboration was cut short because he left for his travels around the world, I finished the piece and decided to have a small opening for the friends.
Time: Sunday Dec 20th, 2015

No·mad - Hami Bahadori 2015

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“Never Forget : Because it Happens again”

Public project – Light Installation,
Thursday, September 10th, 2015 – 8 pm Duration: 2 hours
Location: 1199 5th St SE Puyallup, WA 98372

Never Forget2

Never Forget3

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“This Might Not Work”

Series of events and performances co-founded by Matthew Bell

POSTER 05-560

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“Undergraduate Research Symposium 2015”

Visual Arts & Design Showcase

Collaboration with Matt Bell


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“Strange Coupling”

May 2015,
Collaboration with Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas


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“Still Life” 

January 16th – 24th 2015


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“MELT Exhibition”

January 15th, 2015 – March 15, 2015
At Youngstown Center for Arts and Culture, West Seattle
MELT is a visual art exhibition consists of works of local and international artists. All the artists presented in the exhibition have been somehow associated with University of Washington School of Art in the past but the exhibition was made possible independently from University of Washington School of Art. These professional artists have been working on this show since June of 2014 and the entire art pieces shown in the exhibition was made specifically for the space (Youngstown Cultural Arts Center). The show is an opportunity to engage youth with art or science as well as a response to current educational issues. The inspiration for the exhibition came from the amazing historical aspect of the space and it’s diverse and democratic background. MELT is a direct response to the contemporary issues surrounding youth, childhood education, and memory.

The opening night of exhibition on January 15th would be a special opportunity to witness the collaboration of the artist for an amazing performance held at the location from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.


Hami Bahadori
Matt Bell
Mia Bian
Alex Boeschenstein
Max Cleary
Jueqian Fang
Kori Kori
Mario Lemafa
Katy Lester
Justen Waterhouse
Event Link:

melt poster with qr




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“Welcome to my Dream #2” 

Light Installation commissioned by U-District Partnership for “Alley Nights”


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“Mentoring for incarcerated youth”

I am working with juvenile inmates in Washington state prisons to familiarize the, with art and photography. We are in search of some cameras for them. Even an old beat up camera seems amazing to a youth behind bars.
If you are one of those cool cats who has an old camera, you can donate it to  “incarcerated youths” who are passionate about learning. The incarcerated youth students at gateways to incarcerated youth are looking for some camera’s to work with.